The Pros and Cons of Expending Video in Your Site or Blog

February 20, 2009 at 4:44 pm

Last year I led off experimenting with on-line video. I pored more often than not on screencasts, making some blog reviews and how-to videos. I cared to work with video, and felt that it has many benefits. After some time I as well made that it conveies some drawbacks, though. Downstairs you will regain what I learned from it.



1. Video gos under you aside from the crowd. Most people are capable to setup a blog and commence saving text posts. Current blogging and issuing platforms give it a no-brainer still for 5-year honest-to-god children. Video, on the other hand, demands a limited setup (e.g., a video camera, screen catching and redacting software). Utilising video can thence arrange your blog or site aside from the crowd.

2. Video appeals to a unlike audience. There is a outstanding number of on-line users that favor to take in videos over learning text content. YouTube’s popularity is no coincidence. Adding video to your site could broaden your likely audience and land newfangled visitors alongside.

3. Video enables you to demo sort of than state. Exhibiting things and explicating some concepts can be well-situated with video. Sites that have a full amount of how-to articles and tutorials could hence benefit from the format.

4. Video can be more personal. Video will get out your voice and perchance your face. Uncalled-for to enunciate that this is a much unassailable way to interact with your visitors. Second, if you desire to explicate your personal brand, video could help with that.

5. Video makes unlike online channels. Turned over the Brobdingnagian popularity of on-line video sites, YouTube above them all, video could be employed to tap into unlike commercializing channels and newfangled traffic generation opportunities.


1. Video demands more preparation. Fooling videos can be shot on the spot. If you need to bring on something more professional, all the same, you will want to work on the setup, script and interrelated activities. In other words, you will demand to work on yet before you take up sprouting the video.

2. Video uses up time to edit and upload. Aside from making the video before you film it, you will besides want to commit a full amount of time to the editing and uploading processes. Taking the right-hand format, video platform and player are besides areas that will want attention.

3. Video is not optimum for search engines. Google and other search engines are developing tight regarding how they index videos. That being told, text is withal king if you want to optimize your site for constituent traffic. One solution for this is to offer up video transcripts, but this will ask some additional work on your side.

4. Video is not suited for all topics. Depending on the topic or type of content that you desire to make, video might not be suited at all. Lists of resources, extended articles and detailed researches, for example, are better presented in textual format.

5. Not everyone wishs video. While there are many Internet users that swear by on-line video, there are simply as many that can’t stand up it. Those are more often than not people that wear’t have too much time to browse the web, and who prefer to access the information in textual format, because it permits them to scan through the content, and filter simply the bit of information that they want.

Overall I intend it is deserving a try though. Video is for sure moving to be a immense part of the web in the geting along years, and the sooner you catch used to it, the best.

What about you, have you experimented with giving rise on-line video? What did you learn from it?

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The Pros and Cons of Applying Video in Your Site or Blog

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