Major Updates to Our Videos (2 Examples)

June 13, 2008 at 3:46 pm

A couple of weeks ago, we denoted The Uncouth Craft Store.  It was a pretty mild roll-out, but was a huge moment for us.  Not but did it commemorate the end of a lot of preparation, but a newfangled business model.  So far, so beneficial.  Plus, the more-quick-for-premier-time Store will presently be coming to an Internet near you.

A large part of training to open up the Store was reaching newfangled versions of each video in both Windows (.wmv) and Mac (.mov) formats.  This moved over us a chance to get to improvements across the library – peculiarly to our first few videos, which has sound and color issues.

The first example is a major update for the “licenced version” of RSS in Plain English video, which is simply uncommitted in the Store.  We immortalised a newfangled voice-over and re-redacted it to be more effective and have ameliorated color. The content is nearly superposable to the original, gratis version. Infra is the updated, certifyed version :

Click to toy


The second example is CFL Light Bulbs in Plain English (at one time Modern Light Bulbs in Plain English).  When we in the beginning printed it, it did not comprise a warning about mercury and disposing of the bulbs in good order.  This Modern version of the video comprises a mercury warning. This updated video is at present uncommitted in both free and certifyed versions. Infra is the updated, detached version:

Click to act


We’re thusly excited about this newfangled direction.  We’ll be supplying all next Usual Craft Show videos in detached and certifyed versions – and the licenced ones will be displayed in total length in the Store.

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