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Video of 100K Presentation at Ignite Philly

The video is up on the Ignite Philly site as good as You Tube. I had a bit of trouble considering the video at the Ignite site so I commend the You Tube version. It’s five minutes farsighted and deserving a listen if you have the time. What was truly furthering was the hear an […]

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June 30, 2008 at 3:45 pm

Blogging Idol Update: $1500 for the Winner

Thanks for everyone who stated interest in the competition (you can read the first post about it here ), so far we have 50 participants who will be dueling for one month to suit the first blogging idol.

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June 23, 2008 at 3:45 pm

Major Updates to Our Videos (2 Examples)

A couple of weeks ago, we denoted The Uncouth Craft Store.  It was a pretty mild roll-out, but was a huge moment for us.  Not but did it commemorate the end of a lot of preparation, but a newfangled business model.  So far, so beneficial.  Plus, the more-quick-for-premier-time Store will presently be coming to an Internet near you.

A large part of training to open up the Store was reaching newfangled versions of each video in both Windows (.wmv) and Mac (.mov) formats.  This moved over us a chance to get to improvements across the library – peculiarly to our first few videos, which has sound and color issues.

The first example is a major update for the “licenced version” of RSS in Plain English video, which is simply uncommitted in the Store.  We immortalised a newfangled voice-over and re-redacted it to be more effective and have ameliorated color. The content is nearly superposable to the original, gratis version. Infra is the updated, certifyed version :

Click to toy



June 13, 2008 at 3:46 pm

Bank of America Tower: Durst Implements Ice Farm in Pursuit of LEED Platinum at One Bryant Park

Last week, the Durst Organization offered a sneak preview of the Times Square office building that it hop-skips will reach Modern York City’s first commercial LEED Platinum rating. Eighty feet below grade, Helena Durst chartered reporters on a tour of the Bank of America Tower’s ice farm, which the developer forebodes will tighten energy costs by close to fifty percent. The system captures rainwater- across forty tanks- which it freezes overnight (during off-peak hours) and and so melts during the day in order to chill the building. A distinctive ice storage air conditioning system will pump refrigerant into an evaporator coil, translating it from liquid to vapor. Traditional air conditioning units will exhaust the heat in the vapor through an electric condenser. Withal, an ice storage system will bring back the refrigerant through ice, recondensing the vapor into liquid, and short-circuit the necessity for undue consumption of electricity. As One Bryant Park proceeds to appeal press as Modern York’s dark-greenest building, it will be interesting to visit whether the project team successfully executes architect Cook + Fox’ sustainable vision. For Developers of New Buildings, Green is the Way to Plump (NY1 News)

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June 6, 2008 at 3:41 am

Green Building’s Brilliant Future

As greenish building garners more recognition, peculiarly is its role as a major factor to be considered in deoxidising the impact of worldwide climate change, it appears more and more progress lets made on landing the West into the 21st century. For example, more and more communities and localities are descending on-line with greenish building standards in order to minimise environmental impact as good as energy usage and utility costs. As the US Union Government contineus to embroil its heels on necessary reform in the construction industry–and working up codes to be exact–states and local communities proceed to be the standard-bearers for this revolution in how the very structures we hold out, work, and play in impact energy usage and the environment. The openhandedest question is whether the state and local movements will attain some kind of decisive mass and drive the Union government to fetch the rest on, or whether the benefits of greenish building will get too outstanding to disregard and the laggards will come up on of their ain accord. In all likelihood, 2008 is plumping to view a number of states start up to travel along on with the far-flung pioneers, and a number of corporations will either attached to them or attempt to preempt legislation by hiting moves on their ain. While greenish building itself won”t be a hot campaign issue, expect energy itself to be at the top of most candidates’ platforms and headlining many ballot initiatives in November. 2008 is probable to fetch more breakthroughs in innovation, alongside the discovery of more uncomplicated techniques or processes to accept the place of uneconomical, perplexed mod counterpart (more…)

June 2, 2008 at 4:35 pm

Schwarzenegger Swings The Ball–Sort Of

A couple weeks ago, I brought up that the Governator had a singular opportunity to force California still further into the forefront on greenish building and cleantech. The bills up for consideration would have produced the USGBC’s LEED-Golden standard a requirement for all newfangled government buildings and hiked the minimal energy efficiency for residential construction. Regrettably, he elected not to bless those bills. He did bless a number of light-green bills, including a couple that accept half-steps toward the goal of permeative greenish building in California. Most of the rest of his light-green legislation slate, notwithstanding, dealt with other of import topics, like water conservation and monitoring of toxic chemicals. So it was far from a defeat for those who desire to visit California proceed to advance in light-green-ness. Some of the light-green building-interrelated bills, at present law: AB 1109 will supercharge energy efficiency in indoor lighting; a more reasonable proposal than unlimited banning of incandescents, it allows for a more assailable militant framework for creating the changes bechance. AB 1470 incentivizes solar water heating up system installation to the tune of 200,000 such installations by 2017. A few recycled water-interrelated bills, one that will make a permit process for those searching to employ recycled water in landscape irrigation, and another that prepares out requirements for use of recycled water in toilet flushing in condominium (more…)

June 2, 2008 at 4:16 pm

Green Building Indirect

Green building is withdrawing off. And some times it is as mere as that. A late conference of business leaders in suburban Detroit of late revived the startling conclusion that an upfront investment in energy efficiency and greenish building can draw tangible dollar benefits over the life of a structure. Businesses that espouse greenish strategies, peculiarly backward in the design and construction phases, though they may give a little more on the front end, will quick picture the benefits of trimed down runing costs. And at present that the cost/benefit analyses are coming up down on the side of greater energy efficiency, the destiny of light-green building appears relinquished. This really isn’t a Brobdingnagian surprise to anyone who has come after light-green building news, but there are enough of folks, peculiarly in business, for whom it is news. What’s likely not news to anyone is that a much bigger concern than a building’s implicit in efficiency is the unripened quality of what gos into the building. From recycled toilet paper to EnergyStar appliances, it’s potential to stock up one’s home or place of business with low-toned-carbon accents, but it’s been a struggle to find oneself stuff that’s low-cost and efficacious. As a not-thus-random example, a dotcom or hosting business could fill up its server room with the up-to-the-minutest in hardware that wares as slight power as potential, but if that translates into short performance, that company is not fiting to be about prospicient enough to actualise the upside to its effective infrastructur (more…)

June 2, 2008 at 4:12 pm

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