Manual CRUD operations with the Telerik RadGrid control

May 30, 2008 at 12:55 am

I have been working on a project recently that was already utilizing the Telerik ASP.NET Rad Controls suite.  One of the newfangled features was a fully editable web-grid, so I took to apply the bing ajax-enabled RadGrid control to speed up my development.  I picked out to apply a 3rd party control, more often than not ascribable to time constraints since the project asked a grid with inline-editing, replete CRUD operations, plus custom column templates, all with clayey Ajax support to keep off postbacks and exuberant page size.

I presently got wind, the Telerik controls are skillful tool for unproblematic uses where you can employ asp.last DataSource controls and reflex databinding, but not so much if you call for to catch “fancy” with your implementation.  In my case I involved to do 2 things that spoil over into the gray area where these controls stand out.

First, I’m utilising an other 2.0 version of NetTiers for the DAL (with Service Layer implementation) with custom mods to the entities as the datasource,  and second, I’m making some aggregated custom ItemTemplates that necessitate custom data-obligating.

This lead to uttermost complexity in the implementation because, A) this version of NetTiers’ had problems with in good order bringing forth CRUD operations for its EntityDataSource controls (NetTiers entities mapped onto a custom ObjectDataSource style control) which kept me from employing the declaratory model, and B) the RadGrid control just sucks in if you cannot utilize reflexive databinding and if you demand custom databinding logic.

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It would be heavy if I could promote NetTiers and/or Teleriki RadControls to the up-to-the-minutest versions, but it wasnt potential in this situation, nor is it in all probability that this would have figured out my problems.

In any event, all this discussion is essentially only to partake in you this one link to a user-led example I discovered incredibly utile after 3 days of looking for their forums, demos, and 3rd party blogs.   This example pictures how to manually implement Insert/Update/Delete functionality within the RadGrid control by caring the events OnNeedDataSourceOnItemCommand, OnInsertCommand, OnUpdateCommand, and OnDeleteCommand:…

The reason this link is of import is because the Telerik website, with all of its dozens of examples, systematically pictures very canonic scenarios, still in samples taged “won”.  Likewise, not all of the API features are full or easily documented to facilitate you image this out on your ain.

Hopefully this unproblematic link (which should be promoted to Telerik’s demos/samples page) will facilitate someone else as much as it did me.

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