I enjoy ClearContext!!

May 30, 2008 at 2:43 am

After several months of utilising the Spare version of the ClearContext addon for Microsoft Outlook, I simply cant over opine what I would do without it.  It has deoxidised my email time, maintained me more coordinated, and unlittered my Inbox better & faster than any ad-hoc system I have devised in the past.

As a developer, I detest it when I have to “code in Outlook”.  If it were up to me, I would banish all email during a project and deal with all communication via clamant messenging, Scrum meetings, and whiteboards, but the truth is that email is a neccessary evil specially as a Tech Lead who needs to interface with the Project Manager, Customer, and IT personnel.

Enter ClearContext Information Management System…

First, I prepare it up to flag emails from my bosses in Red, so I dont lose them.  Plus, for well measure, I have an Outlook rule that gears up a FollowUp flag to do sure enough I dont overleap them.  Too, ClearContext automagically ranges emails based upon my anterior history with this person, so I cognise what to do when I pay back some dainty blue and green distorted mail likewise.

If I find an email relating to my current project, I merely reach ALT-P to popup the CC dialog and sag it with the topic “projects/MyProject” then either leave alone it in the inbox for farther review, or arrived at ALT-M to register the message for succeeding reference.    Consequently, if I find some incorporated or administrative associating email, so I designate it’s topic befittingly and register the message to post it to its various maintaining area.  

The act of designating a Topic (ALT-P), mechanically makes subfolders within my Inbox (e.g.  inbox/projects/MyProject) coupling the topic name (Mention the trick of adding up a “/” to the topic name to make a drawn close subfolder at the same time).  The act of registering a message (ALT-M), displaces it to the subfolder identified by the topic name.  This is with child because the messages are nolonger seeable in the Inbox listing, but are even so within the Inbox via the subfolder.

At that point, my AutoArchive settings will accept care of displacing it off on a monthly basis in case I demand it later.

At some point, I desire to take the replete product, which has features for proroguing emails, wining over them to tasks & appointments, designating them to other people, etc.   See their Haves Overview section for more on these areas.

If these features are nearly as utile as the ones I employ at present, and so I could *gasp* get still more fat!  woot!

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