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May 29, 2008 at 9:44 am

I can’t help oneself myself. I have to save this discussion about blogging moving.

Is blogging simply the end result of someone’s input into a Contented Management System. Of course it is. Thusly what. You could sharpen a URL to a day-by-day post in a discussion forum. It would have far best interactivity than a blog, and would be just as easygoing to put up as frequently as the author would care. Does that make up the output strictly a forum post ? Or for those honest-to-god school among us, ordering up a page on a website could be a blog, a column, a report, whatever. The manner of how you put up something to the web is not even deserving discoursing. A blog is a blog is a blog.

If you blog, irrespective of what software you utilize, you are a blogger and what you bring on is a blog. If you desire to call up yourself a columnist, indeed be it. If you are a reporter in a 1 page internet only publication, yes you are.

From in that respect, just one question gets along up. Why. Why ? Why do you do what you do. Is it because:

You catch made up to do it ?

Because you want to further something or to boost yourself ?

Because you desire to start up a discussion ?

Because you desire to communicate with customers, fans or ??

Because its a way to suppose whats on your mind ?

Because you want to draw money from it ?

I’m for sure there are other reasons to communicate on the web. What software you utilise, yet whether you apply video, text and/or pictures, truly doesn’t matter.

What matters is why you do what you do.

For most of us, we start on the utmostest reaches of the farseeing tail of all content. To progress to money from whatever it is we bring forth is not entirely unmanageable, its nigh insufferable. To get down off the foresightful tail is near unacceptable as good. Entirely a few will of all time line up their way to a point of bringing forth enough consumers of our content to have any choice in whether we monetize or mold a material number of people. Others of us will yet be in the farsighted tail, but have influence in a little verticial segment authoritative solely to those who already cognize us, or follow to cognize us. Its potential to be a bad player in a small pool, and let paid for it, all the same reside on the foresighted tail.

The hope by all on the longtail is that the “quality” of the publication will pull together enough consumers to go them off. Like the artist whose art is best, the band or musician whose music is best, the producer, director or actor whose video is best. Everyone skips that quality of content is the last arbiter of attraction and success.

The uncollectible part of it all is that when you are on the farsighted tail, it calls for a lot of money or luck to catch off and 99.99pct , ne’er catch off. Which is precisely the definition of the longtail.

Thats for individuals.

For corporations who publish on the web (as opposed to mass 3rd party content), once more, disregardless of what content management software they expend, or what they call off themselves, the longtail is death. If you are a blogger, and you work for a major media company, you are born with a fluent spoon in your mouth. You are awarded a platform with traffic. Thats the unspoiled news. The big news is that you too have ratings. If you can’t oblige your traffic or build on it, you better desire you get sufficient value in other places, or your days of publishing on the web may be kept down. For those of you who haven’t acknowledged, given bloggers do fare and go from media websites if they don”t produce. But hold back, there is high-risk news.

The media companies that have traffic foundations and can three-fold purpose people indeed that they can release off line and online attached to their ain set of problems. They are splashing around as tight as they can to continue their offline businesses. Newspapers, to carry on to apply them as an example, are advertising as tough as they can to deal papers and continue advertisers. For those who intend that a newspaper is simply like a newsletter, you have ne’er been a paperboy.

To render to maximise on-line traffic and ensuant revenue, newspapers turned to blogging. Saul Hansell of the NYTimes remarked that blogs are applyed unambiguously and thoughtfully by NYTimes reporters to transmit newfangled information and make discussion. That’s big. It’s a way for the paper to take readers to their website, hold open them as readers and hopefully supply more readers. It’s utilising whatever content management system they apply to commit more value to readers. Howling.

Regrettably for them, they are at present in the same previous grind that they are in with the newspaper business. Their articles, I think blogs, vs everyone elses’ blogs. They trust that readers trust that their content is best and that takes them backward. They trust like the newfangled TV show surveying the hit, that they can keep on audience. An approach which places them on the exact same content treadmill as yet the minusculest blogger.. For some on the NYTimes website, as with any and every other newspaper website, they will handle to stand up out from the crowd. The majority will not. They will relegate their way down to where everyone else is. Such is the nature of the content business. No matter what anyone at the NY Times reckons.

That is the endgame I see for newspapers that put out free content on their website. You can call up it blogging. You can yet call up it something else. The point I didnt get to unmortgaged enough in my old post, is that it has to be something else. No matter the quality of the writer, its merely another stab at an audience in a medium where there are no barriers to entry. Its merely one more example of the newspaper business surveying everyone else onto the web and making out precisely what everyone else is coming, but having a bun in the oven they will be best because they are “The heavy paper”. Thats a Brobdingnagian mistake.

Address me dotty, as many out in that location have, but I would have induced every effort to be unlike in a way that leverages brains, technology and size. I would have sat around down and proved to enter out the answer to the question “What leverages our strengths and pre empts every blogger out at that place so that people comprehend blogging as the low-toned end and our presentation as the future of the medium”

You wouldn’t have to beat it right out of the gate, but you could mail a message that you are striving for more and those with “only a content management system for blogs” will not be capable to do what you do.

This is the bias that comes from 25 years in the technology business. A feature that anyone can contribute is not a sustainable differentiation. Since you can easy add together it anytime, like everyone else, rather, e’er seek what can lay out you aside and pre empt the competition

Or you can complying the pack. The longtail is in that location waiting for those who do

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